Monday, August 6, 2012

Japanese Rice Topping

Dashi broth and Teriyaki sauce which are the two components for any rice topping in Japanese Cuisine.

Teri means Glazed, Yaki means Grilled - Teriyaki
Oyako-don (Chicken & Egg on Rice) Means Mother and Child
Don means Bowl of Rice

Japanese rice is shorter the grain of rice, looks like tiny pebbles

The Japanese traditionally wash their rice to become Shiny, Whitening and Sticky
--first,wash 3times and in every cup of rice 30times massage,wash again until clear
--after washing, soaking rice in 30mins

Japanese Soy Sauce, Sake and Mirin

Bonito Flakes or Katsuo Bushi

Dashi Konbu

Tempura Flour

Japanese Rice

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