Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chef Torn "Sushi Recipes"

Chef Thorn with Hi Baby roll


Nori, rice, black sesame seeds
Spicy mayo, avocado, asparagus, fish tempura
Dried Bonito Flakes,rolled the sushi
-cut in the center, cut again into six
-In plate, use spoon to spread the sauce "coconut with peanut sauce", 3spoon of sauce spead into plate
-put the sushi roll on top of sauce

Chef Thorn with-------cucumber Tempura--------roll


Dragon roll fancy


Nori, rice, black sesame seeds and roe
Cream cheese, mayo, 2pcs tempura,( ), avocado, asparagus
Slice thin avocado for toppings,put plastic wrap and bamboo,press
-cut sushi

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