Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Century Tuna,CheF Gigi Angkaw RECIPE

 Sauted the fillings
Sauted the Sauce
Assemble the filling at pasta sheet,put tomato sauce, and white sauce

Put together in pirex dish
top Zuchinni and melted cheese
Sauted all Ingredients
Put the Sauted Tuna Tomato Sauce on the top of Pasta Cooked with grated cheese

 Mix Well Together into Big Bowl
Arrange The tuna mixing mixture into foil,roll it
Bake 35-40mins

Saute the Sauce,put in Pansit Luglog noddles with 1/4 cup of Calamansi
Fried the Century tuna in other pan, tppings
Shrimp,cooked for toppings
1st Bowl, Mix together 7 ingredients, mix well
2nd Bowl, Mix eggs,milk and Salt then pour into macaroni mixtures
Use Loaf baking Pan
Bake 350F, 20-25mins

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