Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg

It's a reference to an old folktale in which a couple owned a goose that laid an egg every day, and the egg was made of gold. The couple prospered. And the more they had, the more greedy they became. 

One day, the man said, "Why wait for one little egg every day? There must be a great store of gold inside this goose. If I kill it, I can have it all now." And so he killed the goose, only to find that there was nothing unusual inside her. 

And that, of course, was the end of the supply. 

So in his greed he destroyed the source of his good fortune. 

To kill the goose that lays the golden egg is to destroy something that provides a steady, long-term gain for the sake of a quick reward. == Answer == In general, it means if something is profitable, don't do anything to screw it up. If a goose is laying golden eggs, collect the eggs. Don't kill it in an attempt to increase short term profit. This strips away the opportunity for continued profit, though it may be smaller in the units in which is handed out. A dead goose lays no eggs, golden or otherwise.

naalala ko biyenan ko na may malakas na negosyo... dahil sa kasakiman ng isang anak nya at second wife nya... naubos ang pera nya dahil sa inggit ng dalawang pamilyang kasama nya... kapag nagpagawa ng bahay yung anak nya na sinusuportahan nya... hindi nagpapatalo ang pangalawang asawa nya,magpapagawa rin ng bahay... pareho nyang mahal kaya binibigay nya lahat ng luho ng dalawang panig...dumating ang oras dahil sa pangungupit ng dalawang pamilya sa negosyo nya at pagbibigay nya ng luho sa pamilya ng anak nya at ng second wife nya... naubusan na sya ng perang pangnegosyo nya...lahat ng ari-arian nya ibinenta nya dahil inaaway na sya ng second wife nya at nawalan na rin ng gana sa buhay.. nagpakalango sya sa alak at nagkasakit... namatay sya dahil sa dalawang pamilyang kasama nya na nagkaroon ng kumpitensya sa perang pangnegosyo ng biyenan ko... kawawa naman pinatay nila ang goose na nagbibigay sa kanila ng golden eggs tsk tsk tsk... 

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