Friday, March 16, 2012

Signs of a Cheating Husband

1) He carries condoms.
2) He insists the child seat, toys, etc., are kept out of his car.
3) You find a long hair on the seat of his car.
4) You find unexplained scratches or bruises on his neck or back.
5) He suddenly wants to try new love techniques.
6) He works a lot of overtime, but it never shows up on the pay stub.
7) He throws up a lot because he just ate at his mistress's home.
8) His clothes smell of an unfamiliar perfume.
9) You see lipstick on your husband's shirt.
10) He sneaks out of the house.
11) He shows a sudden interest in a different type of music.
12) Spends an excessive amount of time on the computer when you are asleep.
13) You get calls where the caller hangs up when he hears your voice.
14) He uses a low voice or whisper on the phone or hangs up quickly.
15)Begins to delete all incoming phone calls from the caller ID.
16)Deletes all incoming e-mails when they used to accumulate.
17) He sets up a new e-mail account and doesn't tell you about it.

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